Thursday, November 1, 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012

Another day - another costume!

Lola scored big at a yard sale when she found several dance costumes in Charlotte's size for $1 each!
Thank you, Lola! 

So expressive... Charlotte will often close her eyes while dancing.  It cracks me up!

Baby cleavage!

OK - I am not a dancer, and I know I am a proud mama, but that looks like perfect form, no?

April 20th - Strawberries!

My sister-in-law, Sarah, reminded me that it was strawberry season and so Charlotte and I went picking!

Sarah is a fabulous writer for - her post about strawberries gave me such an  intense craving I had to get some for myself!  Sarah also has a wonderful local food blog (check it out here).  

We went with our friends Leslie, Gabrielle, and Eva.

WANTED: Strawberry Smugglers!
(I especially love this picture of Charlotte and Eva - please notice Charlotte doesn't have a SINGLE berry in her bucket.  Every single berry she picked went straight to her mouth!  Though, who could resist that sweet juiciness?)

We picked 3 gallon pails!

I can't get over how big my little baby has gotten.  She looks like such a big girl now!


These were the BEST strawberries I have ever had.  Thank you Brown Farms!


I got the urge to create so I decided to work on some projects that would spruce up our office.

My first project was these cut out silhouettes of our family.

I have received requests to make these for friends - and if you are wondering, I am taking orders! 

Here is some info for ordering the family silhouettes:
  • For one silhouette that fits in an 11''x14'' frame the cost is $50 (this includes shipping costs but NO frame - I think it is best to have people select their own).
  • I would need an email with the files of the images you are wanting to create into a silhouette.  Profiles work best.  For girls, I have found that it works best to have long hair pulled hair back into a ponytail or bun.  
  • I then use that image to create a customized cut out from black card stock and then I adhere it to white poster board.  These are acid free and won't yellow or fade with time.  I like the black on white as shown here, however I can work with some other colors of your choosing.
  • If you decide to do your whole family I would be willing to offer a discount for a larger order.

If you are interested in having me make something similar for you, please post a comment and I will get back to you. :) 


These are some of the photos from our photo-shoot for the project.

Charlotte looks like such a big girl with her ponytail!

Saturday April 7th - Easter Weekend

Every Easter in Huntsville Charlotte has been invited to a fabulous Easter Egg Hunt.

Olivia B., Charlotte and Alex C.